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About the Support with Confidence Scheme
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What is the Scheme?
How does the scheme help clients?
How does the scheme work?


What is the Scheme?

Under a new national system known as Self Directed Support, Putting People First or Personalised Budgets, you can choose to get social care and support to meet your needs in a variety of ways to suit you – you can choose the kind of help you receive and who you get it from.
Even if you are funding your own care, perhaps because you are ineligible for local authority funding, flexibility and choice are key to getting the services you need.


How does the scheme help clients?

The Support With Confidence scheme is run by a number of Local Authorities and provides a list of businesses and/or individuals providing care and support services who have been successfully approved, demonstrating that they have undergone the appropriate training and met background checks.

This is the link to the list of Local Authorities who currently run Support With Confidence

If your Local Authority is not listed here, please contact your local County or City Council to find out what they may be able to do for you in your area.


How does the scheme work?

Approved scheme members agree to:

  • Be subject to Adult Protection checks
  • Be subject to appropriate background checks including customer references, financial history and trading status checks
  • Be qualified or trained to a standard of competence to complete the tasks required
  • Be trained in Safeguarding and Adult Protection
  • Provide clients with appropriate information regarding the services to be performed i.e. costs etc.