Application Guidance

Application Guidance


Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Support With Confidence scheme (SWC). Please read this introduction before completing the application form.

Support With Confidence is designed to improve the information available to persons seeking reliable care services by offering a list of individuals and / or operators checked by Local Authorities.

It is not a pre-contractual requirement for operators seeking contracts with Local Authorities or other bodies and does not guarantee access to such contracts.

Membership availability

Applications for membership will be considered from individuals and / or operators based in the administrative area of Local Authorities currently operating SWC; these are shown on the website List of Local Authorities running SWC

It is necessary to successfully pass the application process to gain membership.

Applications may be refused on the basis that the activities are regarded as being unlawful, not in the wider community interest or in conflict with the well-being of customers.

Operators must have been operating for a minimum of 6 months prior to membership being granted. If you are a new operator or only just starting working directly with individuals please contact us as we can help you get started.

Membership is subject to background checks to establish that the applicant meets the standards required by the scheme as set out in the Code of Conduct and the Terms and Conditions, available on the website


Membership is subject to payment of the relevant fees and you will be required to pay the membership fee as published by your Local Authority before we process your application.  There is then an annual fee; your Local Authority will tell you when this is due.

Fees for Disclosure Certificates must be paid direct to the issuing body

The application process

The application process is carried out by the Local Authority in which your operation is based or by the managing authority and as such there are some variations. However we will make it clear what information we expect from you, what we will do and the amount of any fees required.

We have a structured background check process and we will expect you to show that you are able to meet the Terms and Conditions of Support With Confidence.  We will place particular emphasis on safety, training and compliance with applicable legislation.

The application form

If you would prefer to complete a printed form that will be fine, just post it back to the address shown on the website for your Local Authority. List of Local Authorities running SWC

Where appropriate please simply mark an ‘x’ in the boxes provided.

If you have any questions about this form or the SWC scheme, please contact us using our contact page or by emailing us at

This form has been designed to capture information for a range of service providers who may be individuals, partnerships or limited companies.  This means that some parts of the form may not be relevant to you.  Please complete the sections that are relevant to you and put n/a in the sections that do not apply to you.

Notes on completing the form

These notes are numbered to match the relevant parts of the application form
 2. Data Protection

Your personal data will be held and managed by the Local Authority in which your operation is based or the authority that is managing the scheme in your area.

Your personal data will be processed and stored by the Local Authority in accordance with their Data Protection statement which will be published on their website.

You can only become an approved member of the scheme, with your details listed on the SWC website, after you provide all requested information and complete the full application process.  We will make checks to verify the information that you provide.

3.  Your details

We need to understand who you are and where we and prospective clients can contact you.

4.  Advertising your operation

We will check that any advertising complies with current legislation and guidance. Once your membership has been approved you can include the SWC logo in advertising but it must be removed if you subsequently are no longer part of the scheme.


5.  Ability to work in the UK

It is your responsibility to ensure that you and any staff are lawfully permitted to work in the UK.

We require that you state that you have checks in place to ensure that you can meet this responsibility.

Guidance on working in the UK is available at

6.  Criminal Records Checks & Background Checks

· We need to ensure that you fully understand the Conditions of Membership and that you are able to comply with all requirements of the scheme.   In order to do this we carry out a number of background checks.

· Adult protection checks must be completed to ensure a high level of safeguarding for users and these will include enhanced criminal records bureau checks.

· Appropriate background checks will be completed on all applicants, including randomly selected customer references, checking applicants’ financial history.

· The applicants’ operational status will be checked and the relevant insurances need to be in place.  Applicants need to understand their tax status is clear.  Advertising, operating practices and terms of the operation need to be fair and legal.

· Applicants must be qualified or trained to a standard of competence to complete the tasks required of them.  Reference will be made to Care Quality Commission minimum standards. Where there are no formal training requirements that can be used to determine ’competence’, a competency assessment must be undertaken before applicants are approved.

· All applicants must complete (or be able to demonstrate that they have recently completed) training in the following core issues – Safeguarding and Adult Protection

· Scheme clients will be provided with appropriate information regarding the service to be performed, the cost of that service, the client’s responsibilities and important contacts (e.g. to make a complaints, to seek independent advice).

· Where the Licensee engages a third party to provide all or part of the scheme it will ensure that such third party complies with the terms of this Licence.

· Licensees must also ensure that all scheme members adhere to the terms of Support with Confidence Code of Conduct

· The checks will usually comprise of a meeting between the applicant business and a member of staff from the Local Authority. The meeting will be tailored to your business, we recognise that individuals or small businesses do not have or need the complex procedures required to manage large organisations, and will require you to demonstrate how you meet the requirements of the scheme.

· In making any annual or membership renewal payment you are confirming that you continue to comply with all scheme requirements.

· We will also seek to monitor compliance on a continuing basis, this may include tracking any consumer complaints and enquiries received by us, Citizens Advice or any Regulator or body with whom you claim membership or are required to be registered with.

8.    Terms & Conditions of Approval 

Completing the application form is your agreement to allow us to carry out the searches and enquiries as shown.

On completing and returning the form we will make some initial checks based on the information you provide and in returning this form you give us permission to do so.