Breaches of Terms & Conditions

Breaches of Terms & Conditions

The success of the scheme relies on the performance of members; each member trading on its own reputation and everyone relying on other scheme members to keep the Support With Confidence reputation high.

As scheme operators we therefore need to be able to take sanctions against members who do not meet the scheme standards but we also recognise that members will often need help to identify what they need to do.

We therefore have a number of options where members fail to meet the scheme requirements; these include

· Additional advice which may be verbal or in writing

· Warning letters which may set out dates by which actions are required

· Increased frequency of checks focussing on problem areas; we may also set out dates by which actions need to be completed

· Suspension of membership pending completion of remedial actions

· Termination of membership

We will be flexible and proportionate when taking these actions and where possible will seek to work with members to find the best solutions.

Criminal offences and other breaches of legislation

Each Local Authority will have its own policies and processes to ensure that services are delivered in a planned way.

Additionally most Local Authorities will have committed to comply with

· The Enforcement Concordat

· The Regulators Compliance Code

· Locally published enforcement and prosecution policies

In the event that there is evidence of an alleged offence or breach of statutory duty by a SWC applicant or member we may take further action in respect of that offence or breach - membership of the SWC scheme does not confer immunity from prosecution.

Local Authorities are individually responsible for deciding whether or not to take enforcement action, which may include prosecution amongst other options. Accordingly any query as to such actions must be addressed to the relevant Local Authority.

Safeguarding concerns

We promote Support With Confidence as a source of reliable care services and an essential part of this promotion is to enable older and perhaps less able persons to maintain and remain in their own homes. We would regard any act or omission which may be detrimental to the safety, health, well-being or not in the best interests of the customers falling within the description ‘adult at risk’, ‘vulnerable adult’ or similar term as unacceptable.

We would regard abuse of any relationship, relative status and/or technical knowledge, harassment, inappropriate behaviour and/or language as having the potential to become a safeguarding concern.

Non payment of fees 

It is essential that we collect the fees due on time and we will inevitably suspend or revoke membership if fees are not paid.