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    Terms & Conditions

    1. Administration
    1.1 We will make appropriate arrangements to administer membership including:
    1.1a Identifying generic activities, individuals and operations to whom membership is available as per SWC Application Guidance
    1.1b The processing of membership applications
    1.1c Payment of fees
    1.1d Checks on applicants and members
    1.2 We will make details of these arrangements available to you by way of SWC Application Guidance
    1.3 In making such arrangements we may enter into agreements with TSSE Ltd, another council or other body to carry out all, or some, of these functions
    2. Code of Conduct
    2.1 We will publish a Code of Conduct for Support With Confidence.
    2.2 The relevant Code of Conduct forms part of the Conditions of Membership
    3. Conditions of Membership
    Membership of the scheme is subject to the following conditions:
    3.1 Support With Confidence members will ensure that all persons carrying out any activities have an Enhanced Disclosure Certificate Disclosure Certificates Guidance
    3.2 Support With Confidence members will ensure that, where required, all such persons are registered with the applicable body Compliance with Legislation Guidance
    3.3 You will comply with the relevant Code of Conduct
    3.4 You will only provide services for which you are qualified, experienced, competent and suitably equipped
    3.5 You will comply with legislation applicable to your activities including any requirement to register either your operation or individual members of staff with a regulatory body. Compliance with Legislation Guidance
    3.6 You will provide clear information as to the cost, or how the cost will be calculated,  and description of services to be provided prior to starting delivery of services
    3.7 You will have adequate procedures, including the training of relevant staff (if applicable), to ensure the safety and well-being of customers and other persons Safety & Well-being of Customers Guidance
    3.8 Where applicable you will have adequate procedures, including the training of relevant staff, to ensure that you comply with safeguarding principles
    3.9 You will have adequate insurance including public liability insurance to cover your activities Insurance Guidance
    3.10 You will respond appropriately to all customer complaints and maintain a suitable record of complaints received and actions taken Customer Complaints Guidance
    3.11 You will respond fully and truthfully to our reasonable requests for information
    3.12 You will comply with reasonable guidance as provided by us
    3.13 You will advise us of any change in circumstances that may result in you failing to meet the requirements of the scheme
    3.14 You will comply with guidance issued on use of the Support With Confidence logo Logo Terms of Usage Guidance
    3.15 You will pay fees as requestedSupport With Confidence members will ensure compliance with these principles at all times.
    4. Membership benefits
    We will:
    4.1 Provide a listing for you on the Local Authority SWC Scheme website
    4.2 Provide you with a certificate of membership
    4.3 Promote the scheme to the public
    4.4 Provide information, advice and Fact Sheets to assist you to comply with the terms and conditions of membership Changes to T&Cs Guidance
    4.5 Provide information and advice to assist you to identify  legislation, statutory controls and relevant codes of practice applicable to your activities
    4.6 Work with you to identify steps required to comply with provisions identified at 4.4 and 4.5 above
    4.7 Subject to conditions, permit you to use the SWC logo
    5. Breaches of the terms and conditions
    5.1 We will notify you if we consider that you are not complying with the terms and conditions of membership Breaches of T&Cs Guidance
    5.2 We will discuss with you what you need to do in order to comply and agree the steps you should take and a date by which these steps should be taken
    5.3 We may, if the breach raises safeguarding concerns or is detrimental to consumers or other persons, suspend or terminate your membership
    5.4 We may, if we are unable to reach agreement with you as to what you need to do to comply with the terms and conditions of membership or if you fail to take the agreed action, suspend or terminate your membership
    5.5 If you fail to pay fees due we will terminate your membership
    5.6 If we terminate or suspend your membership we will remove your operation from the website
    5.7 If we terminate or suspend your membership, your right to use the SWC logo will be withdrawn
    6. Disputes concerning administration of the scheme

    If you disagree with any action we take to decline membership or to suspend or terminate an existing membership you should write to Trading Standards South East, Fairmount House, Bull Hill, Leatherhead KT22 7AH and we will refer to the appropriate scheme operator for consideration and resolution.

    6.2 We will respond to your dispute within 7 working days
    6.3 If you then tell us that you are not satisfied with the response received you we will provide details of the council’s corporate complaints process or other means of appeal


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