Logo Terms of Usage

Logo Terms of Usage


As an approved member you are required to publicise that you are a member of the Support With Confidence (SWC) Scheme and will have permission to use the SWC logo.

The logo can only be produced in the colour format or in greyscale as provided by your scheme operators and must not be added to any other device, drawing or graphic.

The logo and wording may be scaled up or down but must retain the relative proportions as supplied.  It should not be scaled down to the extent that any part becomes illegible taking into account the media in which it is reproduced.

Permission to use the logo does not confer any interest in the intellectual property rights associated with the scheme, which shall at all times remain the property of the Trade Mark holder.


Permitted use of the logo

The SWC logo can only be used in association with your services to demonstrate membership of the scheme and must not be used in association with specific goods or services.

We will be provide you with a copy of the Support With Confidence logo, which can be used in the following ways:

On your stationery (e.g. letterheads)

  • In your advertising or promotional literature
  • On your operation’s website
  • On your premises and vehicles

We will provide you with a membership certificate.

We may also provide you with pre-printed materials including:

  • Vehicle and glazing stickers
  • Promotional material
  • Branded feedback forms

Restrictions on use

In the case of approval limited to a specific branch or branches, specified activities or operational areas within a larger organisation, the logo shall only be used in close association with those parts of the organisation which have been audited and approved by us. In such circumstances we will require you to agree additional restrictions and you should seek our advice as to how to comply with the permitted use.

Authorisation by a Local Authority to use the SWC logo does not give any implied right to use any other Local Authority logo, badge or sign as used by that or any other Local Authority or Trading Standards Regional Group.

You must not use the logo until you have been given written permission to do so. Use of the logo prior to approval of membership may result in your application being rejected and/or legal action. In the event that you either leave the scheme or have your membership terminated or suspended by us your right to use the logo will be removed.

You must therefore not use the logo other than as permitted and to do so may result in you committing a criminal offence.

Termination of membership

When applying the logo or wording to your stationery, adverts, vehicles etc. please remember that if your membership of the Scheme should end for any reason, permission to use the logo and statements will be revoked with immediate effect.  All certificates and documentation indicating membership of the scheme shall be returned to the authority within 14 days.

This may also result in your operation having to amend adverts; vehicle livery etc. The approving Authority/Support With Confidence will not accept any responsibility or liability for costs incurred in doing so.

All certificates and documentation indicating membership of the scheme shall remain the property of the scheme operator and shall be returned in the event that membership ends. Customers responding to advertisements on the basis of the logo e.g. via Yellow Pages must be informed of the withdrawal of approval.

Should you continue to use the logo after your membership has been terminated, whilst your membership is suspended, or because you have left the scheme for any other reason, you may be committing a criminal offence.

Additionally the Trade Mark owner, its agents and/or licensees reserve the right to take such legal action as it deems necessary to protect its ownership of the logo and materials associated with the Support With Confidence scheme and brand.