Safety and Wellbeing on Customers

Safety and Wellbeing of Customers

The safety and well-being of customers and other persons is of paramount importance.


It is your responsibility to ensure that when working in your customer’s home, garden or other premises you follow appropriate safe working practices so as to avoid placing yourself, your customer or other persons at risk of injury.

In particular any power tools, cables, ladders, scaffolding, chemicals, paints and other hazardous materials must be used and stored in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions. You should also follow any relevant safe working procedures published by manufacturers of equipment, the Health and Safety Executive or as part of industry standard guidelines.

You should ensure that you leave your customer's home secure and that any equipment or materials stored on site are in a safe and secure condition.


You should recognise that some customers will be vulnerable due to their age, mental and/or physical condition or will need your expertise to determine what goods or services are suitable for their needs. Such customers may take longer to reach appropriate decisions, require more information and guidance and you should ensure that they are given sufficient time for this.

You must not treat customers in a discriminatory way. Customers must be treated equally and in a polite and courteous manner, regardless of age, disability, HIV status, marital status, race, religion, sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, national origin or ethnicity.


You must ensure that customers have been provided with a full, complete and clear indication of the price for your services, or how the price will be calculated, before they agree to purchase services.

The price of services is a matter for negotiation between the member and consumer and we do not require that members offer the lowest or best value prices for the services provided. However we would regard persistent high pricing, or an individual incident of excessive or extortionate pricing, particularly where there is an element of exploitation, as detrimental to the well-being of customers.